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Champagne No. 10 Millésime 2016
Champagne No. 10 Millésime 2016
Champagne No. 10 Millésime 2016

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Champagne No. 10 Millésime 2016



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variety : white wine / foam Grape variety : Pinot Noir 50% / Chardonnay 50%
Origin : France, Champagne
Winery : Beaufort
Alcohol : 12%

Beaufort no. 10 millésime 2016 Quentin took over theparcel "le Jardinot" (0.88ha) from his father Jacques. It was planted in 1971 and has been organically farmed since then.

Why do we like him? Beaufort No. 10 tells the story of a family of vintners in Champagne, a wine-growing region that is still very difficult for the next generation to this day. Quentin has managed to make a big name for itself with this champagne . In our opinion, rightly so.

Winemaker Quentin Beaufort is the son of Jacques Beaufort who, together with his brother André, is responsible for the "Champagne André Beaufort" , in organic farming since 1971. Until 2008, Quentin took care of his father's champagnes. He later went into business for himself with his wife A lice in Prusly, Côte d'Or / Burgundy, very close to Champagne. The Beauforts have one foot in Burgundy and the other in Champagne. There is also the "le Jardinot" parcel, which Quentin took over from his father.